Nick Smith


I am an Indianapolis-based designer/muralist  trying everyday to make my mark on planet earth.

If at some point you don’t ask yourself, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ then you’re not doing it right.
— Roland Gau

Currently a fresh graduate from Herron School of Art & Design (IUPUI) with a BFA degree in Visual Communication Design. After progressing 4 years in my schooling at Herron/other professional practices, I have developed a good sense of effective processes as well as design knowledge. Finding solutions through design to help people is what I am all about.

I like to consider myself a man of many different disciplines, and constant learning is key in what I do. Progression is key. I come from over 5 years of painting graffiti while also studying VCD at Herron, and have a unique outlook on letter forms as well as color theory. My experiences in graffiti have taught me things that design school could not and has allowed me to find ways to come up with solutions on the fly very effectively and quickly. Fast-paced work environments don't stress me out and I greatly enjoy creative challenges and making new things that wow even the simplest of people. Pushing myself creatively is what my heart beats for.